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Looking to Master Facebook?

You've come to the right place.

We drive a lot of Traffic, Leads, Sales & Conversions from Facebook and in doing so we've learnt few good things about how the Facebook algorithm works.

Well that's what makes majority of our Ads successful & profitable

The good news is we are willing to share everything that we have learnt.

This includes:

  • Our private resources that we use in our company
  • Our lessons that we have learnt with years of practice
  • Internal secrets that we teach only to our in-house team

Become a Certified Facebook™ Ads Expert Today!

Tuition - $497



We Generate Huge ROIs Using Facebook™ 
We Have Shared The Exact System Inside The Course

The Most Important Number Is ROI.
Huge ROI Is What Is Going To Make You Rich - Simple!
Here are some of our screenshots:

Software (560% & 665% ROI)


Remarketing (1600% ROI)

Info Product (2630% & 4308% ROI)

eCommerce (1000% ROI Daily)



We Have Shared Every Single Case Study Plus More Case Studies in Detail Inside Timeline Domination.

So You Can Simply Learn & Implement!!


Become a Certified Facebook™ Ads Expert Today!

Tuition - $497

 Here is What 8 Figures Internet Marketer 'Anthony Morrison' Has to Say About Saurabh's Trainings:


Number of Top Internet Marketers Have Been Helped by Our Trainings:

Pratiksinh Chudasma

(Trainer at DigiPerform - Digital Marketing Institute)



Eva Werthman

(eCom Expert)


Saurabh is really creative with the strategies he uses on Facebook. He does a lot of Split Testing and I can assure you that you are going to get immense value from everything inside Timeline Domination.



Hear From Some of Our Past Students About Our Trainings:


Anish Timble

Saurabh's trainings helped me gain 15 Clients for my digital marketing agency

I started working at the age of 16 by freelancing for events and eventually entered into the field of concept, sales , marketing and operations. Today I am 24 and have happy 15 clients for whom I take care of their social media marketing and the credit goes to saurabh's digital marketing training specially Facebook for online selling. I would recommend Saurabh's training for individuals and corporates to understand the basic fundamentals of digital marketing and apply the knowledge learnt for their benefits.


Lynn Brown

Gained More Skills and Marketing Tips... Beneficial to me in elevating my video business

After attending many training's with Saurabh Bhatnagar, he helped me to gain more skills and important marketing tips. This was beneficial to me in elevating my video business to grow and expand within a very short period of time. Saurabh's experience and knowledge would be a great help to any online marketer or entrepreneur looking to up their success!


Saurabh Verma


I have attended Saurabh Bhatnagar's trainings. Each of the videos help me a lot in increasing my reach over the internet and helped me in earning a lot. And getting trained under Saurabh Bhatanagar is always great. He is a great mentor and very supportive. I will refer everyone to to enroll for the courses which Saurabh Bhatnagar is providing.


Bhavik Agarwal

The Marketing Genius - Saurabh helped me in gaining a lot of customers and generating tremendous revenue

Its been 5 years since I am connected with Saurabh. His knowledge, domain expertise and vision in the field of digital marketing training is remarkable. I have learned a lot of things through his trainings which helped me a lot in my business by gaining a lot of customers and generating tremendous revenue. All the Best Saurabh :)


Rodney Doherty

Saurabh helped me to take a step closer to mastering facebook with his training course

I run a Social Media Marketing agency and am always looking to learn more about the various Social Media Services out there. Saurabh helped me to take a step closer to mastering facebook with his training course.


John Garry

Learnt a lot from his training in order to keep me stay ahead in marketing and Facebook ads for my business

Yes, I have seen training by Saurabh Bhatnagar. It's really helpful and I've learn lots from his training in order to keep me stay ahead in marketing and Facebook ads for my business especially for this year. I have no doubt to give him 5 stars!


Sourabh Verma

Saurabh's training is a Miracle

I am a chess player cum actuarial science student and I am looking for passive income from internet. Saurabh's training on Internet profits helped me boost my confidence & trust about my abilities and my skills to profiting from internet marketing. Hence i recommend his trainings to everyone for brightening their future aspect..


Binay Sajwan

His course is Just Awesome and Value for money and time

I have seen Saurabh Bhatnagar's trainings and I have purchased two of his courses before.Previous course which i did for facebook marketing was just awesome. It was total value for money and time. I tried the strategy in one of my fb pages and got really good results. Whenever I run a campaign in Facebook, I use his strategies which were taught in the course. I will highly recommend his course to everyone. Cheers to Life!!


Aniket Hood

The Magical Key Of Facebook Marketing Success

This Course Is The Magical Key Of Facebook Marketing Success. With This Course You Can End Your Struggle To Get High Conversions And Results With Facebook Marketing. This Magical Training Of Advance Facebook Marketing By Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar ls Definitely Going To Give You High Profits And Better ROI. If There Is Any Course Launch By Mr. Saurabh Bhatnagar, You Must Have To Be A Part Of It. Because It Will Push Your Knowledge & You Will Get Profits On Next Level.


Azriel Qushairi

Business Funnel that never failed - Saurabh Bhatnagar's Training

I have seen some of Saurabh Bhatnagar's trainings, with his training I had got many idea on whats going on with my business and what can I do to develop more and more income. Before this I was strrugling in making my own sales and marketing funnel but it never work so well until I got clear about what I am doing. Thanks to the training. Its work so well and now im sthriving to achive my next 7 figures in 3 month due. Tq Saurabh.


Become a Certified Facebook™ Ads Expert Today!

Tuition - $497

What Will I Learn Inside Timeline Domination?


Running Profitable Ads on Facebook

Look Facebook is a goldmine of Profits and if you are not encashing that, 

you are missing out big time.

We run Ads daily that brings in revenue into our company.

You will learn how to do that for your business.


Generate Insane Number of Targeted Leads For Your Business

We have generated thousands upon thousands of targeted leads for our business & other businesses using Facebook's smart targeting.

You will learn generating leads is not so difficult when you do it the right way.

You will learn how to start generating consistent flow of leads for yours & your clients' business.


Create Automated Systems (Funnels) Where Leads Come in and are Seamlessly Ascended Towards Your Main Products

Online businesses work on Funnels.

And if you don't know that, you can never be profitable.

We are not discouraging you.

This is the plain truth.

We teach you the full flow of a customer journey where you learn how to nourish a cold lead and then turn it into a raving customer of yours in future.

This requires a full process and planning which is taught inside Timeline Domination. 


Sell Your Product or Service Almost Instantly Anytime

Selling proucts becomes easy when you are no longer selling it.

We call it the special 'Doctor's Prescription Method'.

But hey you need to have a doctor like authority to prescribe your products to your prospects.

We teach you how to do that.


No More Guesswork That Results in Wastage of Hard Earned Money

We understand the value of hard earned money.

I specially come from a background where spending even $5 for an Ad was a challenge for me.

I get that and I am with you in saving your every single extra penny.

Our system is simple.

Quickly Identify the Losing Ad & Kill it.


Know The Exact System That Eliminates The Risk Of Non-Profitable Ads Almost Everytime

Just like we told you, our simple system works by identifying the losers & the winners.

Next step is killing the losers & scaling the winners.

We are almost every time in profit with our every single campaign.


Learn Laser Targeting Techniques That's Critical To Your Facebook™ Marketing Success

Facebook Ads start with Identifying Objective & Targeting.

It is so much critical to be absolutely sure at this point as the whole funnel depends on this.

We pay special attention on teaching you how to get your targeting right.

Super duper important.


Learn Scaling Of Campaigns - The Ultimate Profit Multiplier Strategy

You find a winning campaign.. then what?


But scaling is not so simple...

You can get punished from Facebook if you try to scale too fast too soon.

We teach you the exact methods of scaling your winning ads so you can extract maximum profits from your winning campaigns.


Customer Acquisition Strategy That Works For Every Online Business Regardless of the Niche

There is always something or the other that is of interest to someone.

Each human being has their interest/non-interest zones.

Inside Timeline Domination once you learn how to trigger those pain/interest point of anyone,
customer acquisition will become really simple for you. That too not just for your business,
infact you will almost everytime know how to bring in customers for any business.


Generate Incredible Brand Awareness

The easiest task amongst all the ones we discussed above.

That's absolutely true.

Brand awareness is all about subconscious recall.

This can be done very easily using Facebook's smart marketing platform.


Here are Some Major Specifics Covered Inside Timeline Domination


 Running Profitable Ads

 Laser Targeting

 Website, Data, Engagement &   Lookalike Audience

 Designing Effective Ads

 Lifetime Funnels

 Automatic vs Manual   Bidding 

 Advanced Custom Audience


 Creating Brand Awareness

 All Ad Types

 Split Testing

 Sales Strategy

 Scaling Campaigns 

 Maturing the Pixel

 Automated Split Testing

 Customer Value Journey

 Cutting losses

 Scaling the Ad Budgets

 Automation Tools

 Audience Temperature Journey

 Pixel Setting  Sales on Complete   Automation

 T-Shirt Case Study

 Cold Audience Communication


 Ad Rules 

 1000% ROI eCom Case Study

 Warm Audience   Communication

 Retargeting Varieties

 Ad Placement, Delivery &   Optimization

 4200% ROI SAAS Launch Case   Study 

 Hot Audience Communication

 Ads Setup

 Standard & Custom   Conversions

 SAAS Pre Launch Case   Study1000-5000% ROI

 Content Tips

 Detailed Targeting

 Secret Call to Action

  Advanced Scaling

Advanced Resources

 Personal Mentoring  Our Internal Checklist   Ad Creation Tools Training Reporting & Advanced Analytics 


We have never released a course like this before.

'Timeline Domination' is the most comprehensive & detailed course on Facebook™ Marketing that has ever been created anywhere.

The only objective of creating this course is to create thousands of success stories of our students like you.

Whatever is taught inside 'Timeline Domination' is 100% Practical Learning and Fully up to date.

This training has been setup in a way that it will all be pretty easy step by step learning for you and you will get to learn at your own pace.

And whenever you get stuck, you will have our full team to help, guide or support you at any time.

Plus we will do Live Monthly Trainings with you to cover your doubts & help you with the most practical growth strategies that can bring in revenue for your business (yes we are this much serious about the growth of our students).


Become a Certified Facebook™ Ads Expert Today!

Tuition - $497


Here's What You Get When You Join Today: 


1.) Instant Lifetime Access to Tested, Proven & Step by Step System:

You will get access to 16 Powerful Modules comprising of 88 Detailed Lessons (+7 Additional Resources) to help you start generating Revenue using Facebook™ for yourself, your business, your clients (or anyone).

Here are the 16 Powerful Modules you'll be getting:

  • Understanding Your Customer

  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing

  • Organic Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Advertising Basics

  • Introducing Ads Manager & Power Editor

  • Types of Facebook Ads

  • Ad Set

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Conversions

  • Facebook Audience

  • Website Conversion Ads, Messenger Ads & Retargeting

  • Facebook Reporting

  • Advanced

  • Case Studies
  • Advanced Strategy

  • Designing & Outsourcing

The Lessons have been strategically sub-divided into these modules. So you can seamlessly graduate from beginner to advanced level step by step.

The learnings are 100% up to date with the current updates & if anything changes or new updates come in, we update our course according to it.

We keep you on top of all the live updates.

Additionally we also get in other Facebook Advertising Experts to interview them for you. 
So you get to listen from other masters as well.

Geez this is all so much powerful.


2.) Support & Feedback

With Timeline Domination you get access to our premium support.

You get your individual panel to raise your support queries which you can access 24/7 and seek support from our team.

Additionally, you get live commenting system inside the training membership to get real time help from the community.

In short, don't worry we have your back covered.


3.) Get Certified as a Facebook™ Ads Expert

You will receive industry recognized Facebook Ads Expert Digital Certificate through our Digital Academy. This Certificate will open for you dozens of possibilities like getting a new client, charging a premium amount for your services, or gettting a new job.

Plus you get a digital badge to share on your social profiles.

  • Badge designating you as a Certified Facebook Ads Expert through our academy that can be hosted on your website, email signature, Facebook and other Social profiles

  • A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing

  • Status and recognition as a Certified Facebook Ads Expert through our academy


4.) 7 Extra Resources for Timeline Domination Students

  • 1.) Monthly Live Trainings with Saurabh Bhatnagar

The Live Monthly Trainings are dedicated to teach you the latest, working strategies inside Facebook™ & to help our students with personalised queries. So you are in any business in any niche, you can put up your business queries to us & get them sorted right away.

  • 2.) 500+ Niche Specific Facebook™ Ads eBook

Our team has done the hardwork of taking HD screenshots of 500+ Live Facebook™ Ads - all yours for Free. See them, get inspired from them and create your ads.

  • 3.) Personal Ad Creation Checklist 

Our personally created Ad creation checklist distributed to our entire staff who runs FB Ads. You will get access to this for free. You can never go wrong with this checklist on your side.

  • 4.) Ad Designing Tools Training

Inside Timeline Domination, we are giving you info of our personal ad creation tools that makes Converting Ads (Images & Videos) creation easy for us without any complicated designing knowhow.

  • 5.) Access to Online Community

Our online community is a great place to build connections and get answers to your queries in real time. You get Free Lifetime Access.

  • 6.) Subtitled Videos

Yes we have got subtitles done for every lesson inside the course so that you don't miss out on even 1 word of this most important course.

  • 7.) Ads Spy Bonus

Want to spy on your competitors website's Ad creatives? This Bonus video will make you the Ad Spy Ninja. Super Cool huh.



Become a Certified Facebook™ Ads Expert Today!

Tuition - $497


What You'll Get...

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:
  • Instant Access to Timeline Domination Course
  • 16 Core Modules
  • 88 Video Lessons
  • Monthly Live Trainings with Saurabh Bhatnagar
  • 7 Additional Internal Resources
  • PDFs & Worksheets
  • Access to Timeline Domination Online Community
  • Individual Support Panel
  • 24/7 Coaching, Support from our team
  • Unlimited Support & Help from our Support team

Course Details:

Tuition: $497
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Setting: Online/Virtual


Become a Certified Facebook™ Ads Expert Today!

Tuition - $497


Why You Should Enroll? 


Quite simply - It will make you a better marketer.

Because we use Facebook™ for our business day in & day out. 

And we have taught you every single strategy that we use in our business or in fact that we teach to our employees.

And we have held nothing back.

The Live Trainings plus our community support will prove to be a game changer in your business where you will get to ask your personalised questions and our team will be there to support you.

So, if you are:


1. An Individual

...this course + certification will set you apart from the pack.

Unlike everyone else who simply calls themselves a “Facebook™ expert," you'll have the certificate and the badge to prove it, from a source that businesses trust.

So if you want to:

  • Enhance your career (or start a new one)
  • Learn the live, practical, latest and greatest tactics (that actually work)
  • Expand your skill set, distance yourself from the competition, and jump to a higher pay grade...

...this course and certification is for you.


2. A Business Owner

… learning the same insights that we use in our business will be a milestone step in the growth of your business. Imagine being able to generate High ROIs just like we do.

This course alone can change the complete outlook of your business.

Results like:

  • Converting Visitors into Buyers at Lowest Cost
  • Increasing Your Campaign's ROIs
  • Genrating More Sales of Your Product/ Service
  • Generating Regular Inflow of Targeted Leads for your Business

… everything is possible.

And yeah, and if you're an agency or other marketing professional, then our certification will help you Big Time in distancing yourself from the competition. You might even be able to claim higher fees for the work you're already doing.

Either way, if you expect the best for your company, then this course and certification is for you.


Become a Certified Facebook™ Ads Expert Today!

Tuition - $497


JUST $497

Timeline Domination Masterclass

  • 16 Core Modules
  • 88 Video Lessons
  • 7 Additional Resources
  • 24/7 Coaching, Support
  • PDFs & Worksheets
  • Online Community Access

Facebook™ Ads Expert Certification

  • Ads Expert Certification
  • Displayable Badge
  • Printable Certificate
  • Status as a Facebook™ Ads Expert
Timeline Domination is the Most Complete In-Depth Facebook™ Marketing & Advertising Training Program. In this course, I have shared all of my behind the scenes Facebook™ Ads Secrets that I use Daily in my $1 Million Online Business . Learn my Insider Secrets & Start Applying the same in your business to give it a supercharge boost.


Module 1 (1) - Biggest Ever Internet Marketing Workshop

MODULE 3 - Product And Irresistible Offer

MODULE 7 - Types of Facebook Ads

MODULE 9 - Facebook Pixel

MODULE 10 - Conversions

MODULE 14 - Quick Recap

Module 18 (1)

MODULE 19 - Advanced Module

MODULE 21 - Designing and Outsourcing

MODULE 27 - Funnel Mastery Class 6

MODULE 33 - Funnel Mastery Class 12

BONUS MODULE 34 - Scaling

BONUS MODULE 37 - Software Sales Via Facebook Ads

BONUS MODULE 38 - Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)


Saurabh Bhatnagar

Passionate Internet Marketer | Public Speaker | Traveler

Saurabh Bhatnagar has been featured/invited by top names like Jvzoo, India Affiliate Summit, Affiliate India Conference, YourStory. 

After facing a major loss in his first startup, Saurabh started another venture which grew from ZERO to $1Million Dollar in revenue in just 14 months.

He has helped number of businesses achieve their Online Marketing Goals by providing his canny inputs & strategies. He wishes to spread his learnings to number of other Entrepreneurs so that their lives can be impacted & benefited through his knowledge and they can achieve the growth that they desire for.