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Facebook™ Bootcamp
Facebook™ Bootcamp
Introduction to Facebook™ Bootcamp
Customer Value Journey
Traffic Temperature
Different Kind of Funnels, Landing Page, Thank You Page
Facebook™ Advertising Basics
Facebook™ Pixel
Ad Creation (Part 1)
Ad Targeting
Custom Audience
Ad Creation (Part 2)
Facebook™ Advertising Rules
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
What Next

Alright!! So the next important step in your Facebook™ Marketing Journey will be Ad Set Training, Facebook™ Ads Manager can look a little intimidating with lots & lots of options being present there. Well, this video will simplify your understanding of Ad Set. To be precise - the Objective to select, Budget, Placement, Age, Gender & Targeting. In short, you will now be closer to becoming a Pro Level Advertiser.

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