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Facebook™ Bootcamp
Facebook™ Bootcamp
Introduction to Facebook™ Bootcamp
Customer Value Journey
Traffic Temperature
Different Kind of Funnels, Landing Page, Thank You Page
Facebook™ Advertising Basics
Facebook™ Pixel
Ad Creation (Part 1)
Ad Targeting
Custom Audience
Ad Creation (Part 2)
Facebook™ Advertising Rules
Case Study 1
Case Study 2
What Next

Although we touched a little base of Facebook Targeting in the last video, but this topic needs a special video for you to have the greater understanding of this topic. Why? Because it is literally that much important. Once you are an expert in setting your targeting right, you have won 50% of the battle. Facebook™ Targeting is HUGE. It gives you number of options that you can't even think of. Well after watching this video, now you can :) Go Ahead & Learn!!

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