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Timeline Domination
MODULE 1 - Intro And Welcome
Instructions & Resources
Massive Action
How to Start With Timeline Domination

Module 1 (1) - Biggest Ever Internet Marketing Workshop
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

MODULE 2 - Concepts of Marketing
Ideal Customer Avatar
Online Business System
Customer Value Journey
Stand Out In Your Marketing

MODULE 3 - Product And Irresistible Offer
No Brainer Offer
No Brainer Offer 2
Value Stacking

MODULE 4 - Funnel Creation
Sales Funnel And Knowing Your Numbers
Our Sales Funnel Numbers Example
Sales Funnel Hacks and Strategies
Downsell And Sales Funnel Creation Part 1
Sales Funnel Creation Part 2
Generating Leads and Sales for Free

MODULE 5 - Landing Pages Creation and Strategies
Websites Don't Sell. Landing Pages Sell
Hero Of Landing Page
Essentials Of The Landing Page
Call To Action Strategy
Landing Page Creation
Igloo VS Click Funnels

MODULE 6 - Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Introduction to Facebook Marketing
Ads Manager Overview and Business Settings

MODULE 7 - Types of Facebook Ads
Types of Facebook Ads

MODULE 8 - Special Module
Live Campaign Settings
Split URL Testing
Form Settings
Zap Settings

MODULE 9 - Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel
Facebook Pixel Helper

MODULE 10 - Conversions
Custom Conversions

MODULE 11 - Facebook Custom Audience
Custom Audience Website Traffic
Custom Audience Customer List
Custom Audience Facebook Sources
Traffic Temperature
Lookalike Audience Intro
Lookalike Audience Creation

MODULE 12 - Ad Set
Ad Creation
Ad Budget
Ad Placement
Audience Settings

MODULE 13 - Ad Targeting
Ad Targeting Part 1
Interest Based Ad Targeting
Targeting Ouick Rant
Interest Targeting Hack
Interest Targeting Finder
Audience Targeting Hack 2

MODULE 14 - Quick Recap
Overview and Recap

MODULE 15 - Ad Creation
Ad Creation Part 1
Image Ad
Slideshow Ad
Carousel Ad
Collection Ad (Instant Experience)
Quick Rant
Ad Creation Concept

MODULE 16 - Retargeting
Retargeting Concept
Retargeting Ad Creation
Remarketing Ad Concept 1
Remarketing Ad Concept 2
Remarketing Ad Concept 3
Remarketing Ad Concept 4
Remarketing Ad Concept 5
Remarketing Ad Concept 6

MODULE 17 - Facebook Reporting
Facebook Reporting
Reports Rules
Facebook Reporting for Starters

MODULE 18 - Advanced Strategies
Split Testing
Advanced Strategy 2
Advanced Strategy 3
Advanced Strategy 4
Advanced Strategy 5
Advanced Strategy 6
Advanced Strategy 7
Advanced Strategy 8
Quick Rant

Module 18 (1)
Facebook Ads Checklist

MODULE 19 - Advanced Module
Automated Split Test By Facebook

MODULE 20 - Practical Skills
Creating a Giveaway
Box Cover And Ebook Cover
Creating Professional Giveaways - Software Review
Faster Landing Pages Hack
Removing Background For Professional Graphics
Picking Colors (Removing The Guesswork)

MODULE 21 - Designing and Outsourcing
Professional Graphics Part 1
Professional Graphics Part 2

MODULE 22 - Funnel Mastery Class 1
Concept of Upsell
Customer Journey
General Questions and Answers

MODULE 23 - Funnel Mastery Class 2
Book Funnels Bump Offer
Concept of Bump Offers
Concept of Downsell
Funnel Creation And Practical Execution
Split Testing Sneek Peek

MODULE 24 - Funnel Mastery Class 3
Analytics and Zapier
Cart Abandonment And Autoresponder Automation
Create Your Checklist

MODULE 25 - Funnel Mastery Class 4
Pricing Strategy-A Case Study
Traffic Temperature
Write Sales Copy For Targeted Audience
Funnel Goals
Bootcamp Funnel
Webinar Funnel

MODULE 26 - Funnel Mastery Class 5
List Building Funnel
Low Ticket Sales Funnel
Membership Funnel
Q & A

MODULE 27 - Funnel Mastery Class 6
FB Leads Ad Steps
FB List Building Funnel
How Lead Ad Works

MODULE 28 - Funnel Mastery Class 7
Sales Funnel Dolphin show
Funnels Setup Using Google Analytics
Be Relentless While Doing Sales
Using Sales Funnel
Having A Sales Funnel In Your Business

MODULE 29 - Funnel Mastery Class 8
Funnel Inside Facebook
Follow The Sequence
Follow The Sequence Part 2
Add Bonuses

MODULE 30 - Funnel Mastery Class 9
Copy writing Part 1
Most Essential Element In a Ad Copy
Types of Headline
Headline AIDA
Headline 4A Principle
Power of Copy writing
Make A Powerful Headline
Kill The Objections
Example Of Powerful Headline
Tips For A Great Headline

MODULE 31 - Funnel Mastery Class 10
Growth Hacks Key Points
How To Introduce The Landing Page
Using Timers
Power Of Buying Button
Testimonial Tips
Tab Notification
Testimonial Ads and Messenger Bots
Video, Image and Selfie Ads
Re-target People Everywhere
Buying Ads On Blog And Forums
Engage Audience on Facebook and YouTube
URL Shortner and Pixel
Create Lookalike Audience
Interest Targeting Engaged Audience
Start Spending For Growth
Make A Facebook Group

MODULE 32 - Funnel Mastery Class 11
Tactics For Your OTO
OTO Tips
OTO and It's Rules
OTO Script
What Should Be Your Upsell

MODULE 33 - Funnel Mastery Class 12
Funnel Setup

BONUS MODULE 34 - Scaling

BONUS MODULE 35 - Copywriting Module
Copywriting Basics
Power words for copywriting
Objections, Fears, Benefits & More Benefits
Your Product is your HERO
No brainer offer & Examples of Copywriting
Copywriting examples 2
Copywriting examples 3
The straight line principle
Webinar Replay - Copywriting hacks by Saurabh Bhatnagar

BONUS MODULE 36 - Affiliate Marketing via Facebook Ads
Affiliate Marketing Training 1
Affiliate Marketing Live Training 2
Affiliate Marketing Live Training 3
Affiliate Marketing Part 4

BONUS MODULE 37 - Software Sales Via Facebook Ads

BONUS MODULE 38 - Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)
Getting Clients
SMMA Webinar by Himanshu Sharma

BONUS MODULE 39 - Lead Generation
Viral Referral Campaign
Email Marketing & Lead Generation
Email Marketing & Lead Generation Part 2.1
Email Marketing & Lead Generation Part 2.2

BONUS MODULE 40 - Coaching Sales via Facebook Ads
Coaching Program Lesson 1
Coaching Program Lesson 2
Product Creation Requirements
Hosting the Program Online
Payment Gateway and Checkout Platforms
Zapier Webhook
All Tools Setup
Huge Social Credibility Hack
Webinar Sequence After Signup
Webinar Touch Points Sequence
Webinar Structure
More Selling Methods

Live Training
Positioning & Micro Niche
Landing Page Hacks
Local Business Walk-Ins
SB Inner Circle Training - General Q&A
FB Ads, Case Study, Remarketing, Getting Clients
Evergreen Webinar Automation

41 Jumbo Bonuses For Timeline Domination Members
Sales Page & VSL copies of AdsCrisp
My Own Page Templates (One Click Import)
DOER All Apps

The secret behind every successful business is a funnel. This lesson explains Funnels and gives you a detailed understanding of the same.

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